Premier Choice for Oil Collection Services

Efficient and timely services, commitment to customer satisfaction and availability whenever you need us has made B & E Oil Services, Inc. the premier choice for oil collection services among our customers in Cochranville, PA, Southeastern Pennsylvania and the state of Delaware. Collecting used oil that we transport to recyclers is our primary objective.

External link opens in new tab or windowBarrels of used oil Helping the Environment

When you hire us, we come to your location to collect non-hazardous used oil, oily waters and anti-freeze in company owned, DOT-certified trucks and deliver them to a state licensed oil recycling facility. After the product is analyzed for acceptability, the material is recycled into a waste derived liquid fuel sold primarily as a burner fuel. This process of converting waste oil into viable commercial products such as fuel oil is the focus of B & E Oil Services, Inc. Our main goal is helping the environment through our services.

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We can come on monthly or weekly basis so you don’t have to worry about the collection process. Check out the oil filter services that we have to offer you.